Multiópticas challenged the agency LLYC to strengthen its strategic positioning in the eye health sector through a powerful idea that can generate conversations around the brand. They have heard about the negative effects of air contamination, light contamination or even acoustic contamination. But what if They face another type of contamination? Nowadays, they spend 60% of our time in front of a screen and this has a negative impact on the health of our eyes.

Screen Pollution is the creation of a new concept through an integrated campaign with the purpose of raising awareness of an increasingly frequent habit that affects our lives: the irresponsible use of screens. To achieve this goal, the strategy was divided into several phases: First, we analyzed the problem through a quantitative study that provided us with alarming and relevant evidence capable of generating a media and social conversation about the problem. These data will also serve as the guiding thread of the entire campaign and give legitimacy to subsequent actions. The second step was to establish the new concept, “Screen Pollution”, and raise awareness of it. Given that consumers are usually averse to receiving advertising messages and conventional forms of commercial communication, and that competition within the sector usually follows very traditional communication standards about offers and fashion, the strategy was to break these standards through an advertising campaign composed of a graphic and digital spot, which highlighted the large amount of hours we allocated to the use of screens. Third, Multiópticas had to demonstrate that it was a brand capable of presenting solutions to the problem, moving from storytelling to storydoing and adding real value to promote responsible use of screens. In this sense, we worked with eye health experts to disseminate information and advice through a landing page, as well as to develop training workshops for children in schools. Finally, to continue the conversation about the problem at Christmas time, we conducted another study to see the correlation between the Christmas gifts of the little ones and the screens.


Screen Pollution accumulates more than 260 impacts, achieving 2 million euros in VPE, more than 50 million impressions, a total audience reached of 65 million and more than 4 million views of the campaign on digital media. During 2019, blue filter sales increased by 78%.

“At Multiópticas, LLYC saw that there was a very clear need in the field of visual health and we had the challenge of sensitizing society. Screen Pollution caused a paradigm shift in Multiópticas communication and, the key to success, was to convert this new line of communication into an advertising strategy beyond the field of public relations, something challenging because no brand in the industry had done so before”

Director of Marketing at Multiópticas